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Short stories about my daily life as a handyman with photos, descriptions of my works and occasional tips and tricks

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Someone punched a hole in your wall? Need some fixings fixed up? Cracks in the walls and ceiling? If you have any damage to the plaster on your walls or ceiling, get in touch for a homeworks repairs service

  • Writer's pictureDavid Sweeney

Sometimes walls ceilings skirtings and everything else need painting white. If you're looking to sell or rent your home and it needs a freshen up get in touch

  • Writer's pictureDavid Sweeney

Need a shower? Whether you need the shower replaced, the seal redone, a new shower screen, or you want to tear out your entire bathroom and start again? Get in touch.

For all bathroom solutions, a free survey and chat to go through what you need, just send me a WhatsApp or email.

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