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Short stories about my daily life as a handyman with photos, descriptions of my works and occasional tips and tricks

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  • Writer's pictureDavid Sweeney

Need some extra storage space? How about some new shelves? Whether you want floating, timber, MDF, I can build them to your spec. Get in touch for me to come and measure up for your needs.

  • Writer's pictureDavid Sweeney

Still have an old syphon system in your toilet? Having to yank the handle 5 times to get a flush? If you need any toilet plumbing fixed or updated , get in touch.

  • Writer's pictureDavid Sweeney

Would you like some fitted cabinets putting in your alcoves? From traditional to contemporary designs, whatever your tastes I can put together bespoke builds for your space. Even if it's just freshing up existing ones, get in touch to learn more

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