• David Sweeney

Something a little different last week. Removal of a traditional splashback matching the worktop and installation of MDF panelling on several sections of wall.

These then had to be painted waterproofed and sealed to give them the durability for an area such as a kitchen.

These finished effect looked modern and something different.

  • David Sweeney

If you require any sort of garden or shed gate built please get in touch. I can built to any size and style, paint or treat, advise on and source to fit any assortment of locks, latches and catches.

  • David Sweeney

Completed the replacement of a moth eaten carpet in a loft conversion this week. Replaced with an engineered wooden floor with wooden scotia around the perimeter.

The underlay was foil backed foam , and I added a top up insulation layer to the surrounding eaves. Important to get everywhere as thermally efficient as possible for the winter.

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