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  • David Sweeney

Still have a water tank in the loft? Even with the lid on , some debris will get in over time and can clog the valve, not to mention debris in the pipework.

There are many small problems that can occur with them but if you haven't switched to a combi yet, best to make sure they're well insulated and covered as far as possible.

The valve on this one wouldn't close, but fortunately it had a working overflow so the continual filling was ejected outside.

  • David Sweeney

A little top tip for those home DIYers. If you want to put some PTFE tape around a hard to reach place, wrap it around a screwdriver or pencil first. The example in the photo is adding to the packing material around a leaky stop tap. If you find your stop-top is leaking from the neck where you turn it, this quick fix can usually solve that.

  • David Sweeney

I might have blogged a similar post before but i get a lot of issues arising from gates this time of year. Whether they bow out of shape of collapse completely from rot, it's a tough time of year for garden gates. If you need a repair or a custom gate making from scratch, i can take care of it.

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