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Bathroom redesign

Finished an ensuite bathroom job last week and thought I'd post a few pictures at various stages of the job. I was very happy with how it went and so was the customer.

It was a tricky job getting the wet wall panels into the small shower enclosure with the corner trims on. Each end has about 5mm wiggle room for the ends of the panels.

The floor was slightly sloped too which meant ply was needed to bring it to a manageable tilt.

The position of the sink in such a small space was a balancing act between being able to get on the toilet, standing in front to use it, and opening the shower door. The door opens so only the plastic seal on the edge touches the ceramic. No chance of a nasty breakage this way.

Bathroom jobs are some of my favourites as it takes all my skills and experience to get it right. And is very satisfying when I do so.


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